On-Course Refreshments

Hot and thirsty after nine holes of play on Willow Brook's challenging course? How does a cold soda or beer sound? A small snack to boost your energy? Or even a hot lunch to set the course for the afternoon?

Willow Brook Golf Course has the answer.

The Willow Brook Cart Girls

Our Cart Girls are out on the course in case you need some refreshment. They carry a variety of snacks and cold beverages, including soda and beer. 

If you are looking for a hot lunch, simply place an order with the Willow Grill and your items will be  delivered to you by the Cart Girls.
The Halfway House

Stop by the Halfway House, off Hole #9, and have a quick snack or hot dog along with a cold soda or beer.
The Willow Grill

If you want to grab a bite after your round of golf, save time by pre-ordering your Grill order with the Cart Girl or call the Willow Grill at 610-266-5806.  Your order will be ready for you after your round is completed.
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